John Moody - Biography

In March of 1992 there appeared on the scene of gospel music an individual who was destined to leave his indelible mark upon the hearts and lives of thousands across the United States.
John Moody
Knowing the need for his unique style of ministry, the Lord placed music in his heart and called John Moody to His service.
John has been singing gospel music most of his life. Starting at the age of six when he was placed on a chair so that he would be as tall as the rest of the ďmenĒ he filled in for his dadís quartet in singing "I'll Fly Away" in church. From then on he was hooked. It was seven years later when the Lord placed the call on his life to use this love of gospel music to minister to others.
In 1986 John went to the country of Iraq. There he shared his music and the message of Jesus Christ to soldiers around the country. It was during that trip that the Lord began to lay on Johnís heart the message that he carries around the nation today. Itís time to put God back in America again! With all of the problems that we as a nation are facing today itís not hard to see the correlation of that and the way our nation has abandoned God.
Skillfully blending gospel music with Christian entertainment, John has become a favorite at concerts, county fairs, picnics and churches across the country. "We've received cards and letters from all over the country saying, I've never had that much fun and cried so much" says John.
Over the years John has recorded many songs that have become highly requested every time he arrives in town. Among those are songs like the timelessly classical "Elijah". Springing from a rich patriotic family history, songs like "If I Die Before You Wake" has stirred the hearts of our countrymen from shore to shore. "You're the Only Little Girl In My Heart" will move the hearts of parents everywhere.
Texas has long been known for its many sons and daughter who have made their mark in gospel music. Once you experience John Moody you will agree that God has sent one more gift from Deep In The Heart Of Texas!